•Spiritual, practical guidance for seekers on their path•

As a spiritual minister one of my greatest joys is helping people move forward on their spiritual path and more in alignment with their soul purpose and true joy.

Readings and healings are given mostly over the phone or skype to help lead you to self discovery, unlock blocks and inspire to your next step. I offer on going classes and workshops in Energy Management and Self Care for Healers.

I also teach workshops around the Bay Area and will teach a 4 week training course at your home (near Marin) with a minimum of 5 students.

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Julia Giving a Reading

“In the sessions I’ve had with her , I felt a greater understanding of myself and people in my life.  She helps you to see experiences from a different, deeper & more universal perspective.

Spending time with Julia is grounding,  clearing and releasing.  She truly has a natural connection to the finer energies that surround us all, that most of us don’t feel or are unaware of their presence.”
~MaryEllen Whitton, Petaluma, CA

Note From Julia

Hello and Welcome,

I am a Spiritual Minister and long time meditator along the path of the Ageless Wisdom and Clairvoyant training. Beginning in 1994, I began an esoteric practice and study group where I practiced for several years in building a foundation in meditation with the focus of meditation as a service to humanity. Through these groups I participated in an international meditation group of world servers and attended a Conclave in Brazil to further our work in 2004.

I have been actively involved in clairvoyant training since 1999 and continue my studies today with Michael Tamura and the SHAPE community. SHAPE is a group of ‘advanced clairvoyants’ that use these skills in various vocations to help others awaken their own abilities and become more the Soul and to share and spread their light in the world.

I am a graduate of the basic clairvoyant program at Aesclepion, women’s healing classes, meditation I & II, kundalini training and have taken classes in trance medium healing. I have also completed the Mastery Course part 1 and 2, along with many other classes in advanced clairvoyant training with Michael Tamura.

My journey began as an earnest attempt at ‘how can I make the world a better place,’ and soon moved to learning to clear and clean my own space first then serving as an example for others around me. From here I could begin to offer assistance to other by giving individual readings, healings and teaching classes and workshops.

Now it is my greatest joy to offer spiritual guidance to help others on their path of awakening to All that they are and all the abilities they possess. May you enjoy your journey.

Kindest Regards,