Aug 10, 2014 Workshop in Petaluma

Join me Sunday Aug 10 from 3-5:30 pm in Petaluma at Marsh Chiropractic for an afternoon of learning to optimize your energy with Energy Management Tools.

Do you work in a busy office, manage others, are you a teacher or healer, work hard all day but feel scattered rather than productive? Then these simple energy tools will help you learn to define what is actually your energy and what is someone else’s energy in your space. We will learn how to identify, clear, call back and reset your energy to revitalize your vitality.

  • increase focus
  • be more grounded
  • bring ease and efficiency to your workflow
  • ground your workspace and your home

This will be an active day of exercises, creative visualizations and meditation. A CD accompanies the class which contain the practice meditations.

Contact Julia for sign ups or questions at

Please click the link above for workshop flier.