eSized 0122a 02As a professional musician, it became natural to blend my meditation and healing work with composing on marimba and piano to support healing environments. Currently I compose original songs for video, websites and for speakers giving spiritual talks.

This is very fulfilling, and I also have a tremendous love of any chance to play some loud rock music on drum set in venues throughout the Bay Area.

For more about music I have written or recorded, visit my music website.

Meditation I 

itunes cover artMy latest CD, Meditation I, offers guided active visualizations over relaxing music to help in establishing a daily practice. The method originated from the late Rev. Lewis Bostwick, founder of the Church of Divine Man in Berkeley in the 1970's.

The tracks can be used individually or in as a set to use in your daily meditation  practice.

Track 1 -Getting Centered

Track 2- Grounded Your Body

Track 3- Ground the Room

There is a bulk discount offered to teachers for resale in your schools.

This CD can currently be purchased through this website and emailed to you.

New CD Release!

Part 2 of the Meditation Series. In the first CD we practiced grounding, grounding the room and getting centered. In Meditation 2, we practice running earth and cosmic energy through the chakras to clear, reset and own those energies for ourselves.

This series is produced to help support the meditator in establishing a regular rhythm to their daily spiritual practice. Both contain active guided meditations over specially designed healing music that I composed & produced.
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Marimba Dreams

My CD 'Marimba Dreams' is available on CD Baby at


With special guest Michael Diamond on synthesizers and guitar, exotic rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes from Tibetan Gardens to Dolphin Travels and Memories of Atlantis blend with Julia’s mesmerizing marimba to create an enchanting listening experience.

The idea of this CD project came in a meditation one day. I was asked to tune in on a certain day and time to a world service oriented group and I enthusiastically said yes. This CD contains the music that came through as I tuned in and began playing while in alignment with the meditation that night. Later I enlisted my friend Michael Diamond, Musician, Producer, and Music Journalist to play guitar on and help produce this project.