Thank you so much for the reading today. I feel humbled. So much to let go of, I have a lot of clarity on my situations but keep watching myself act and speak in ways not quite aligned with my deeper knowing. I have a lot of faith in the process, and the tools and wisdom you offer is so helpful and uplifting. -J.R. Oregon

“Thank you so much for the reading. I’ve been thinking about it and processing for days. It comes at a very important time in my life and your insight and compassion are quite astonishing.  Forever grateful.”

~Tal Skloot, CA

“I am still reverberating and resonating strongly from the reading and healing I received recently from Julia!  She is truly an authentic and gifted guide and healer on many levels. She offers insight and precise, specific information that leaves no doubt whatsoever about her abilities to intuit and connect with spirit and energy in ways that are powerful and beneficial.  I was in the midst of a psychic and spiritual shift of epic proportions when I connected with her, and she helped me to understand what was happening, how to move through it with grace and peace, and what I could potentially expect as I move forward into new space.  My mind, heart, and soul felt lighter, more clear, and infinitely more peaceful after our session.  I cannot recommend Jullia and her skills highly enough.”

~Jennifer Newcomb, E-RYT 500

“I first learned about Julia from a friend and had a reading done. I had no questions ready nor did I have any expectations for that reading, and I was surprised at the amount and depth of the information she provided about me and my relationships. I received a wealth of guidance that proved to be invaluable, and this began my journey of healing. I have taken classes, both in person and by telephone, and have learned meditation tools and techniques which i use on a daily basis. Julia has helped me tap into my true self and the divine where I can get my own answers. I have learned new ways of approaching difficult situations, experienced healing of chronic physical conditions, and deepened my spirituality as well. I have also found these tools to be extremely valuable in my business as a behavior consultant and music therapist, working with individuals with disabilities and the families and teams of professionals that support them. My life is easier now, my body feels more youthful, and I experience true peace and joy every day. I highly recommend Julia’s products and services to anyone wishing to improve their life in some way.”

~Laura S., Virginia

Thank you so much for the sound healing/reading today, it was wonderful. It helped me get in touch with my own sense of power and on a very practical level it inspired me to develop a creative plan and valuable next step to work with in my career.

~Dr. Ilka de Gast, Psy.D Santa Rosa, CA

“Julia is a gifted and intuitive in reading and sensing energy (past and present) as well as sensing energy blockages.

In the sessions I’ve had with her , I felt a greater understanding of myself and people in my life.  She helps you to see experiences from a different , deeper and more universal perspective.


Spending time with Julia is grounding,  clearing and releasing.  She truly has a natural connection to the finer energies that surround us all, that most of us don’t feel or are unaware of their presence.”

~MaryEllen Whitton, Petaluma, CA

“Julia’s intuitive readings and healings have been so very helpful to me in my work life. She has helped me understand the dynamics of my professional relationships, which has resulted in growth, both professionally and personally, and in helping me make key decisions to move my work life forward. Thank you Julia!”

~Jane Berman, Burlingame, CA

“Julia carries a quiet and healing presence. I could immediately trust her.  For the last 10 months I had a deep pain in my right shoulder and after 1 session with Julia I felt so much better. She has a natural gift of healing.”

~Rainya Dann, Director, Institute of Transpersonal Studies Santa Cruz, CA

In offering her beautiful service as a Sound Healer, Julia Harrell purposefully combines the best of her talents as a brilliant percussionist and composer, and as a very carrying, validating and highly advanced clairvoyant.  My Sound Healing session with Julia was an amazing, powerful and cathartic experience.  She was able to tune into and express trough music important and profound aspects of my soul and its journey.  I highly recommend Julia Harrell as a wonderful Sound Healer, and always look forward to re-listen the recording of my session with Julia.  What a unique, validating and inspiring gift!”

~Vesna Vuksanovic, Energy Healer and Artist, Marin, CA

“Julia helped clarify why my perspective was off kilter. With that insight I was able to make some small changes which resulted in a big shift in my life. I would highly recommend a reading from Julia.”

~Jane, Wilbur Hot Springs