‘Open your Natural Spiritual Abilities’ Workshops Oct 4, Nov 1, & Dec 6 2016


Mini Workshop at Wilbur Hot Springs

‘How to Open your Natural Spiritual Abilities’
Fine tune your Inner Compass 

Tuesday evenings 7-8:15 pm
Tues Oct 4, Nov 1, & Dec 6

In this free evening workshop for guests of Wilbur Hot Springs, we will explore our natural spiritual abilities, how to utilize them to further our awareness in daily living, work, spiritual growth and ultimately to assist in fulfilling our purpose on our path. We all have these abilities built in and at some point in our lives we access them to different degrees whether we know about them or associate them with fancy names or not. These abilities can be harnessed to deepen ones spiritual growth or to simply gather more insight and understanding of those we love or interact with.

Many have heard ‘Ask And It Is Given’ but how do we know the response from the Universe or get to where we are going? By learning to utilize these abilities, such as:

  • Seeing energies or the truth- Clairvoyance
  • Hearing information- Clairaudience
  • Feeling energy- Clairsentience
  • Gathering information through touching objects- Psychometry and more!

This will be a fun interactive evening for all levels of meditators, from no experience to years of practice. We will take it from where you are to your next level in development.

No super powers necessary to join the class. Must be a register guest staying at Wilbur Hot Springs during the time of the workshop. Contact Wilbur Hot Springs to schedule your stay. I also offer in person private appointments for guests there the following few days, which can be scheduled with their front desk staff.