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Clairvoyant Basics

Awaken Your Intuitive Super Powers

Are You Naturally Empathic, Sensitive, and Intuitive?

Clairvoyant Basics Course

The perfect stepping stone into discovering and unlocking your spiritual potential for everyone who has felt different than those around them.

Our students feel they are more sensitive, more empathic, more intuitive, and more spiritually based than normal and are looking for guidance in how to grow their clairvoyance in a natural manner.

Instead of being swept away with what your aura, chakras, and emotional energy pick up when interacting with others, learn how to use your innate clairvoyant skills to get centered and create manifestations using energy tools.

Your main takeaway is how to better manage and clear your creative energy.

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This is a self-guided digital course that is ready immediately.

No Prior Experience or Super Powers are Necessary

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Clear Your Aura & Chakras

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Get Centered

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Create Manifestations or Mockups

Meet and work with your Primary Spirit Guide

Soo soo grateful. I feel unbelievably free. 

Coach MGW CA

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Presented by Julia Harrell

Julia is a Spiritual Development Coach, helping highly sensitive Empaths and Intuitives to overcome sensitivities, heal themselves, prevent burnouts and thrive.


As a rock drummer in San Francisco, Julia struggled to fit into environments geared toward drinking and spacing out. Once she shifted that pattern, she immediately began meditating and found her place in the world through Spiritual Development. 


Julia is currently a Clairvoyant Teacher, Reader and Healer with 24 years and 10,000 hours of training in clairvoyant development which continues to this day.  She specializes in working with Sensitive Intuitives and has helped thousands of students learn to manage, master, and take their next steps with their natural abilities.

I wanted to express how much I appreciated this style of training after trying out some of the most popular teachers out there. 

L.G. Oregon

What Will You Learn by Taking This Course?

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This is a self-guided digital video course that is ready immediately

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