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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Spiritual Readings

  • How can you read me without being in the same room?
    My eyes are closed as I entered a light trance state and I am looking at spiritual energies, so I do not need your physical body present. Reading the energy is the same if you are in the same town or on the other side of the planet.
  • How long is the session?
    I recommend 1 hour minimum for the first session, after that we can go in 30 min. increments beginning with 30 min up to 2 hours.
  • What can I expect in a reading?
    *A reading is spiritual communication to You, the eternal being and all that you are. It can be a very healing experience in looking at hidden truths about yourself and helping you to let go of deeply held beliefs in order to be all that you are.
  • When do I get my mp3 download from the session?
    The mp3 will be delivered to your email address provided by a company like dropbox within 1 week. Please go ahead and download the file to your computer even if you don’t plan to listen right away. Many people find it helpful to listen later, even years later, to be reminded of the information discussed as well as other layers of insight may be unveiled.
  • What type of questions do people ask?
    Readings are a great place to look at recurring patterns in your life and what propels them. By seeing this truth, then the pattern can be cleared. Other popular questions are about relationships with family and loved ones, looking at the energy of business opportunities or what their next step in life is.
  • How often do people get readings?
    This varies based on what people are looking for. One good reading can last a person for months. Often after the first reading and once a person has an opportunity to experience what a reading can bring, they like to have a follow up session and maybe a few scattered throughout the year. It is not necessarily a good idea to get a reading every week. Allow time for growth, processing and integration before the next round.
  • "Are you reading my mind? What do you see?""
    No, I’m not reading your mind or thoughts, I’m looking at ‘pictures’ in your aura and energy centers that contain information about you as the spirit that you are. This is only happening with your permission and our agreement to work together. So your most embarrassing moment is not what I am looking at, but rather communication that would be helpful to your growth on your own path. There may be information that relates to how you relate to people around you, areas where you feel stuck or ‘mock ups’ of things you are bringing in down the road.
  • Are there any questions that you will not answer?
    Yes, ‘should I stay or go in a relationship’ or ‘who was a perpetrator in a crime.’ I’m happy to read relationships but will not advise you one way or another. Simply I will look at the energies, where they work, and where they have challenges, then you can decide. The same thing applies to questions like ‘is my loved one cheating on me’. I will again look at the energies between the 2 of you and read the effects of having this question in the relationship and how it affects your space. This is not a space for predictions but for validating who You are as your true self.

Spiritual Readings and Healings are not intended to diagnose or treat illness and have not been approved by the FDA.


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