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My Story

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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Julia Harrell and I am a Spiritual Minister and long-time meditator along the path of Clairvoyant training and Ageless Wisdom practice.


I have been actively involved in clairvoyant training since 1999 and continue my studies today with Michael Tamura and the SHAPE community. SHAPE is a group of ‘advanced clairvoyants’ that use these skills in various vocations to help others awaken their own abilities and fulfill their purpose as Soul and to share and spread their light in the world.

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I am a graduate of the basic clairvoyant program at Aesclepion, women’s healing classes, meditation I & II, kundalini training and have taken classes in Trance Medium healing. I have also completed multiple Mastery Courses, along with many other classes in advanced clairvoyant training with Michael Tamura. 

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My journey began as an earnest attempt at how can I make the world a better place, and soon moved to learning to clear and clean my own space first, then serving as a guide for others around me.


From here I could begin to offer assistance to others by giving individual readings, healings, and teaching classes and workshops. My studies began with an esoteric practice and study group where I practiced for several years in building a foundation in meditation with the focus of meditation as a service to humanity.


Through these groups I participated in an international meditation group of world servers and attended a Conclave in Brazil to further our work in 2004. From here I moved to the Clairvoyant training that I am still actively engaged in today.


Now it is my greatest joy to offer spiritual guidance to help others on their path of awakening to all that they are and all the abilities they possess.


May you enjoy your journey.

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