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Did you know that most of the overwhelming feeling that Empaths, Sensitives or Intuitives have, is emotions you are accidentally picking up from others?

Your ability to sense others’ energy is often the first of your natural spiritual abilities that wakes up.


You can handle your own emotions, but when you pick up 10 other people’s feelings unintentionally, you get overloaded.

From a clairvoyant perspective, we can see how this energy system works in the body, where it runs, and how it is fueled. Once you understand this, you can learn how to dial down that sensitivity and redirect it.

Yes, there is a volume knob!

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For many Empaths, Intuitives, and Sensitives, we have been overwhelmed by what we are picking up on an emotional level.

Powerful Resets for Sensitive People

This is a self-guided digital course that is ready immediately.


Available Classes

Clairvoyant Basics Course

The perfect stepping stone into discovering and unlocking your spiritual potential for everyone who has felt different than those around them.

Our students feel they are more sensitive, more empathic, more intuitive, and more spiritually based than normal and are looking for guidance in how to grow their clairvoyance in a natural manner.

Instead of being swept away with what your aura, chakras, and emotional energy pick up when interacting with others, learn how to use your innate clairvoyant skills to get centered and create manifestations using energy tools.

Your main takeaway is how to better manage and clear your creative energy.

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This is a self-guided digital course that is ready immediately.

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"Julia's intuitive readings and healings have been so very helpful to me in my work life. She has helped me understand the dynamics of my professional relationships, which has resulted in growth, both professionally and personally, and in helping me make key decisions to move my work life forward. Thank you Julia!"


Jane Berman


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