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Clairvoyant Basics Course-Awaken Natural Abilities

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This is the foundation course around which all of this spiritual training is built. We will use clairvoyant tools to learn how to set up and clear your aura and chakras, get centered, create manifestations or mock ups using energy tools, and manage and meet and work with your Primary Spirit Guide. If you have ever felt different than people around you; empathic, sensitive, intuitive, or considered yourself spiritually based, then this is the course for you. You will learn to unlock your spiritual potential, rather than becoming swept away with what you are accidentally picking up. No prior experience or super powers are necessary. Yet these tools are also extremely useful to other energy workers to gain skills in managing their own space as a healer.  Classes are all pre recorded on video, where participants meditate from the comfort of your home and can ask questions in the community blog page. This course consists of 4 one hour-ish classes.



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Clairvoyant Basics Course


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