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My Favorite Products

**While these are all products I personally use, I do partner with some brands as an affiliate. I may earn commissions from my sponsored links**

Hello Friends

This page is to recommend a few wellness products that I have found helpful to a Sensitive, Intuitive Soul to help me keep my vibration high in a crazy world. For me, I find that light and sound help me tremendously to upkeep my light in a world full of toxic fumes and emotions.


It is my intention that I will be able to recommend some healthy and safe products especially for sensitive people. I have found it challenging to locate products without perfumes or additives as they definitely have an adverse affect on me and work against my overall work in the world.

If you have a product that you own or recommend or questions for me, you can email using the button below:

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Typical Benefits:

  • improved overall energy/vitality

  • reduce pain & inflammation

  • improved sleep

  • younger skin and hair 

  • enhance sports performance

  • restore mental clarity

Typically 6 months on the patches reverses aging by 8 years* (per lab tests and aging markers in the blood & body)

Lifewave uses light therapy in a patch worn on the body to stimulate your own stem cell growth. 

I found on the first day of trying the patch called X39 I was SO full of energy, that I cleaned the entire house, had seemingly endless creative ideas and got a ton of work done.

As of this writing I have only used the patches a few weeks and I can see my cheek bones again from reduced inflammation, have more flexibility, sleep better and definitely feel overall happier and more full of life and vitality. There was pain and restriction in my knee that has completely healed. 


As a trained Brand Partner, I can help you discover which patches would help you with overall wellness goals. Book free consult with me using the button below!

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